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Amanda Nguyen is the voice behind The Accessory - a fashion-obsessed, twenty-something year old enjoying the urban city of bright lights and trendy hipsters that is Seattle. A lover of pink, cupcakes and all things that glitter - watch out, because she's prone to bedazzling anything that sits still.

Other fun facts:
... a crossfit newbie
... obsessed with her Vitamix (she will make juice out of anything!)
... a pho snob (has been spoiled with homemade good stuff by Mama Nguyen since 1990)
... really wants a corgi
... fridge is always stocked with avocados and lemons
... starbucks drink of choice: tall cappuccino
... terrified of birds

The Accessory began as a way to express her ideas, and now sits as a lifestyle blog with the goal of finding the true necessities in life: lovefamily, a sense of curiosity, an appetite for adventure and a fabulous wardrobe!

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"The say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol 

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