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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Something... OLD Borrowed and BLUE

I've always had a deep fascination with lavish events that require months of extensive planning, great organization, a fine caterer, elaborate centerpieces and an enormous budget. (A.k.A. WEDDINGS) Like most little girls, I played Barbie's Dream Weddings when I was a child, and if I couldn't find Ken in my bucket of toys, Henry my teddy bear, w
as a fair substitute. I used dandelions (before I knew they were considered weeds) as Barbie's bouquet and I would spend hours brushing her hair and adjusting her veil. As I grew up, my perception of weddings began to shift. With some personal baggage accumulated over the years, I began to see weddings without the romantic aspect. I was no longer interested in the "Happily Ever Afters." What I found intriguing were the color schemes, the bold choices of fine china, the detailing on the trim of the wedding gown, and the various tastes/textures of mascarpone and buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache filling.

I'm in love with how child-like and casual the theme of this wedding decor.
Absolutely adorable!

My Dream Wedding:

Bridesmaid Dresses: Any style of the Silk Taffeta dresses from J.Crew either in a caspian blue, aluminum, or black.

(I know I've dreamt of having all of my bridesmaids wear canary yellow and a have brighter/summery wedding.. but let's be truthful. Chosen color schemes tend to reflect the array of colors in one's closet... mine... consists of black, grey, variations of grey, white, creme, navy, browns, and the occasional pink frock or plum-colored top.)

Location: In a Cathedral
1. I love the arc
2. I'm Catholic, so this is very important me to be married in a church by a priest. But not just any priest... it would make my wedding day even more blessed if my dear old friend, Fr. Pat, would marry me and my hubby.
Such a thoughtful man who has been like a father-figure for me during my high school years at Jesuit High School (Portland, OR).
3. My mother would be so overjoyed... and we all know how much she means to me.

Flowers: Peonies and Gardenias
*My favorite flowers.. preferably in cremes and champagne colors
**To stay true to my sisters of Alpha Delta Pi, small violets will be intertwined in the centerpieces of their exclusive tables.

Guests: Family, Friends, and of course... my ADPi sisters.

To Be Continued...

Stay tuned my dearest readers, "I Do" Part II will be posted by the end of this week.


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