Friday, December 10, 2010

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Serious Pie + Tom Douglas = Perfection!

It was December 4th that a colleague and I ventured into the crowded streets of Downtown Seattle after the Huskies won the Apple Cup for a delectable dinner. She had raved about this place to the point I decided that it was time I let my taste-buds try it.

During the car ride, Julia mentioned that Serious Pie had the most amazing food because it didn't taste like your ordinary delivery, take-and-bake, or franchise pizza.

"Gourmet... Serious Pie melts in you mouth," she exclaimed. Julia's face lit up with excitement as we spotted its sign down the street.

"It's a food experience," she raved when we opened the door.

One of the six exquisite restaurants owned by renown chef - Tom Douglas, Serious Pie is truly a gem amidst the bars and ritzy, downtown eats. With just a few steps in, it is an entirely different atmosphere.

Trendy Seattlelites with their shopping bags and grumbling stomachs pack the waiting area while a friendly man wearing thick-framed glasses greets guests with the wine menu to start their evening. The soft, flickering candlelight sets a nice ambience and the aroma of spices and dough wafts towards you with each step you take.

The restaurant, itself, is quite small; consisting of six communal tables, seating eight at each. Close, intimate tables allow the occasional elbow bump with the person next to you, which can either be deemed awkward or an opportunity to make a new friend with the handsome gentleman that glances at you ever so often.

As Julia and I sat down, our server immediately and graciously welcomed us with a warm smile and told us the daily special: anchovies, arugula, truffle oil, and rosemary.

With such fine ingredients, I had the most difficult time choosing which pizza because all seemed quite appetizing. Julia chose her favorite: the yukon gold potato, rosemary, pecorino, and drizzled with olive oil ($15).

After twenty minutes of indecisiveness, I settled on the chanterelle mushrooms and truffle cheese ($16) and of course, my usual drink, a San Pellegrino ($3).

When our pizzas came out, I had to agree with Julia.

This was not your ordinary meal.

Our dishes came out on black vent-like platters, and our pizza was more of an oval shaped in comparison to the traditional circle.

With my first bite, I was in pure bliss.

Soft, gooey and delectable, I heard myself "mmm" and "ahhh" as I savored each bite. The pizza simply melted in my mouth and took me into a state of ecstasy.

The flavors from the truffle oil infused cheese and the mushrooms were a great combination that had me wanting more with each piece.

As I neared the end of my meal, I decided to take the last 1/4 home for tomorrow's lunch.

There was no need to overstuff.

My palette was truly satisfied; the meal was heavenly.

As we left the little gem of a place, I made a promise to myself and my stomach,

that I would be back soon for another bite.

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