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Monday, January 31, 2011

don't procrastinate.
I'm trying my hardest to focus on homework... and so far it has been semi-successful. The Gallagher Law Library is the quietest libraries on campus, providing the ultimate studying environment. Small, mini-cubicles with your own personal light, and two plug outlet, it is the place of academic achievement for the average student and of course, every Greek that is pulling a last minute study-cram before the big exam. One of the closest to the Greek Community (the other is Foster Library), this library is one of the most crowded ones and its seats are in high demand come the peak of finals week. 

Currently sitting in my own little cubicle, I have decided to take a mini break from my studies. I've already finished three readings for COM 343 and for 2 more to go. Then, it's finishing up a project proposal for LSJ 322, a little research for the paper, and outlining the readings for lecture tomorrow. Lastly, I must find the endurance to stay awake and read the four chapters of COM 444 and prepare myself for my field trip tomorrow.'T.PROCRASTINATE.

I guess that's what college is all about... zero sleep, late night study munchies, tons of chapters to read, papers to write, and tests to study for... because if you don't do them all, it'll come back and bite you in the you-know-where.

Well, I'd say my break is just about done now....

In the words of Annie G.:
"It's been real... and it's been fun... It's been real fun."
but now it's back to the books.  

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