Reasons why I secretly have "Southern roots"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

For those of you who don't know.... I used to live in good 'ole Austin, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona for a bit in my life. M'kay, I know Arizona is not Southern.. obvi, but it sure as heck got its country-conservative-cowboy boots wearin'- cactus errrwhere- and hot HOT sun that's so hawt you'd be needing gallons of water type of living. Oh, and most of my Scottsdale galpals ending up attending UT and TCU for college. I also have family who still live in in AZ, some in Dallas, TX and got a little bit in Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Well now, I wouldn't consider myself as one of the dixie chicks or one who has the Southern accent (yet, I do find that simply ahh-dorable). BUT I do think sometimes I belong down there where they all appreciate my love for Lilly, extra sweetened iced tea and Southern Proper.
Yes, my momma raised me on tennis skirts, polos, sundresses and handed me a rolling pin at the age of five. I ran pranced around in puffy-sleeved, brightly printed dresses with bows in my hair and loved tea parties. Still today, I enjoy all of the above but now will gladly add to the list my obsession with frockets and the love I have for my srat sisters.

So moving back to the Pacific NW had both its up's and down's. First off, I missed the rain. Weird as that may sound but the Arizona drought ruined my skin... it was just b-a-d for my skin and hair... plus, I kinda liked just turning on the tap and knowing that the water was okay to drink. Nice thing about Portland/Seattle, tall evergreen trees. Odd, that I like them... but they are B-E-A-utiful... so much more grand than cactus.. plus a nerdy fact - the more trees there are, the better the oxygen, and for a girl with a mild case of asthma, it's sure nice on the lungs. However, Arizona and Tejas had the culture, the food, the clothes, the SUN and the proper, conservative values I hold dear to the heart. As much as I love my dear Portland... it's a bit too hippie - weird - hipster for me. I tend to stick out like a sore thumb with my polo, cardy, chinos and penny loafers. There's only a small percentage of Portlanders (NW Portland) that get me and my momma... the rest are a little too "out there."

So now let me tell you why I LOVE the South and why I think I may not come back North after my trip to ATL.... (Sorry I'm not sorry, Seattle...JUST KIDDING I will always love my Pacific Northwest)

Why I love everything below the Mason-dixon:
1. My family. (1) Aunt lived in Lousiana - New Orleans to be exact and then she moved to Fairfax, Virginia, and yes, she is an Asian woman with a cute little Southern/East coast accent. (2) Aunt Tanya and Uncle George currently reside in Dallas - Fort Worth (not exactly below the Mason-dixon) but their Texas-country accents and good cookin' get me everytime... I swear I go up a dress size after a summer visit. Uncle George makes the best hot wings and is a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan. (3) My dear sweet cousin, Liz, married a Pike (Pi Kappa Alpha) from 'Ole Miss.. and he's got real Southern blood in him. They go huntin' and fishin' all the time, and Liz has more cowboy boots than any girl I know.
2. The hospitality. Everyone's just so gosh-darn welcoming.
3. Yummy-in-the-tummy cooking. hush puppies... they are so not-to-be-hushed about because they are so good. i heart biscuits n' gravy. crawfish boil. chicken fried steak. pecan pie. peach cobbler. fried chicken. gumbo. pulled pork. cornbread n' ribs. yumm.. I could go on fo'days. (I fear that I may gain ten solid lbs. after ATL.... eeek! Somebody go runnin' with me, puh-leeze!)
4. Southern grace. There's something about the saying "yes sir and ma'am" that is just so sweet! Momma made me say such phrases when I was a wee wittle one. AND YES, I love a good Southern gent who opens the door for me... there are no such things in Seattle -- except one in a couple dozen.
5. Southern Proper. Not just the brand -- I'm talking about the whole package. Bowties, sundresses, blazers, cardigans and pearl-wearin'... Yes I love the prim + proper look; grew up with a momma who loved playing hostess mostess with her galpals and a daddy who loved golfing with his buddies. So naturally, I loved the courts at the club and my racquet, too!
6. A-A-D-D-Pi.. I love it. I love it! Yes, Alpha Delta Pi is located in the deep heart of the South... HOTLANTA = location of Memorial HQ (where I'll be livin' for five weeks, eek!)
7. Kentucky Derby. Big hats, sundresses, and horses... 'Nuff said.
8. Y'all are sweet as pie. If I could I have any accent.. I'd choose a Southern one.. something about that cute drawl can charm just about anyone. Watch out ladies, I'm quite the chameleon and adapt easily... Y'all was once part of my vocab when I lived in Austin... so it maybe coming back this June.
9. Greek Life so much more intense down South, it's unbelievable... you surely see how strong that brother/sisterhood is.. and youknowwhat? It's quite remarkable. I wished such ritual and tradition were taken more seriously up here in the Northwest.
10. will discover another reason why I love the South-- when I get there in June.

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