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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Baby, Imma come back to you tomorrow....

Bright and early tomorrow, I'll be heading up to the Emerald City with my Mama. Sunroof open and my iPod on shuffle, I'm ready for a little road trip with my Mama. We're spending the day downtown, and then, it's off to a PRSSA meeting at UW. Afterwards, maybe I'll get the chance to hang out with my Alpha Thetas...a possible trip to Finn's or Earl's? You know where to find me if I feel like dancing... 
Fournos, oh how I wish I was coming up on a Thursday night. 

Lastly, I'm ending my trip with a quick interview the next morning. I'm a bit bitter about the quick visit, but at least, I get to see my beloved Seattle. #seattlelite #citygirl #marinersfan #gohuskies

This blog post's title is courtesy of Owl City's "Hello Seattle."

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