Move. Eat. Learn. (STA Travel Australia, Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White)

Friday, August 5, 2011




Put together by STA Travel Australia, these video clips are stories of three guys (Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White) who travel for 44 days, in 11 countries, took 18 flights, totaling 38,000 miles and  witnessed an exploding volcano. All of this was recorded by two cameras and almost a terabyte of footage. Their goal was to turn three linear concepts (movement, learning and food) into compelling stories.

All I gotta say is wow.... oh em gee boys, you're trip looked fabulous. And you're pretty darn cute, too. 

I'm in love with these videos -- inspiring, thought-provoking and pretty damn intriguing. These will be the next viral videos of the year. 
#move #eat # learn #inspiring #Aussies

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  1. oh my gosh, if I could only get someone to pay for me to do a trip like that!


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