a stroke of luck.

Friday, September 2, 2011

After two months of ups and downs, this internship-hunt of a roller-coaster has finally ended. With recruiters dangling opportunities in front of you, it's hard to not get attached and bummed when things don't work out due to silly things such as schedules, availability and prior commitments. So yes, I had my fair shares of: Oh, that doesn't work for you? Okay.... thank you for your time. and Oh yes, I'd love to but I can't do it those hours... oh, so you'll postpone the offer until winter? Yeah I understand (honestly, I don't understand... why can't I do it now) and last but not least Oh okay, you still haven't made your decision yet. Looking forward to hearing from you when you do.

But at the end of the tunnel was light!

Four offers for fall and two deferrals for winter later, I finally accepted the perfect offer: a part-time internship at a public relations agency (downtown Seattle) that is flexible with my availability and...allows me to start after my sorority obligations of spirit week, recruitment, bid day and chapter retreat. #soBlessed

I am beyond thrilled to be the latest addition to Richmond PR! It is going to be a blast and a wonderful learning opportunity. I am excited to meet all of my new intern buddies, supervisor and become a dedicated PR-savvy newbie!

Looking forward to a busy and chaotic ten weeks ahead this fall quarter: balancing a full course load, ADPi, PRSSA and this new internship -- but it's all going to be worth it. Because after the quarter, this little sorority girl will finally be entering the #biggirlworld. Woot.

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