75 Days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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75 days
and counting...

I didn't think graduating early was going to be that momentous for me. Honestly, I was just thinking "Hey, I don't have to take exams or study anymore... woot, yay for a real job." But, today it really hit me. 

I realized: 
I won't be living at the Pi Palace anymore. I will no longer be in the "in" on all of the juicy gossip of my ADPi sisters. I won't have the luxury of wearing Lulus and an oversized fraternity sweatshirt as a uniform everyday. I can say good-bye to bumming it around the chapter house on the weekends. Farewell, to the frat-daddies and their fratastic ways of the Greek System.

I'll be living in an apartment/studio (I'll let you know when I find a place). I will be living, breathing, eating and sleeping my work. (They say entry-level PR is 50+hours a week.. yikes!). I will be wearing business casual everyday errrday (well, my whole closet consists of that so it won't be too bad of a problem... hello J.Crew and Banana Republic!) Meeting people at networking events, after-work happy hours and did I mention... businessmen? #MeninSuits #Winning I will be running errands, cooking, and doing adult chores. WHOA buddy... my weekends are going to be so dull. Just you wait, I'll be starting DIY projects and learning the ways of a home-maker. Aka my Pinterest boards will be come reality.

This big realization that I'll be entering the the #biggirlworld began last week on my very last "first day of school." It was a full day of classes, running to the bus stop for my internship and writing press releases/pitches until 5 pm. Exhausted by the time I got back to the Pi Palace, I thought to myself... "Wow, I can't believe my last quarter as a college student leaves no time for play." Worth it? Chyeah, it is. Focusing on school and the internship will give me an edge. Plus, graduating early sets me apart from the rest of my class - allowing me to get a job before everyone else starts to bum-rush the recruiters. However as much as I have prepared for the big day of my last final exam and other "lasts," I am a bit scared.anxious.nervous.worried.freakedout. to say the least.

Part of me wants to still enjoy my last quarter of being a college student and a full-time srat star. I mean, let's be real, you can take the girl out of the sorority.... but you can't take the sorority out of the girl.

Dear friends... I can't believe it. Seventy-five days... you heard me right. 7-5.

It's happening oh-too quickly, and before I know it... I'll be out there. there. there. there. (hear the echo?)

a little fishy in the deep blue sea... that's what I'll be.

Hopefully, I won't be considered shark-bait. 

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