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Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Portland used to be what I called home... the hippies, pearl district and odd Portlandia ways were what I prided myself/looked forward to when I went home... But after these past three-ish years, I've learned to call the Emerald City my new place of residence. Friends and family have asked me if I would return to Portland after college... but I'm not going to lie. I fell in love with Seattle the very first day I moved up here - the lights, the people, how large it was compared to Portland and of course, all the opportunities that it had to offer. So to answer everyone's question... No I don't think I'll be returning to the City of Roses. (at least not yet)

It's Seattle for me -- the city of overly-caffeinated and tech-savvy Seattleites with their eco-friendly/composting/recycling/go-green 'tudes. Land of the Purple and Gold. The restless town of busy bees.

Dearest, Portland -- I will always love you. Don't ever forget that. After 20+ years of the working world, I'll probably return to you m'dear for the fam bam... raising the kids in the NW Portlandia suburbs.

But 'til then, I'm just going to enjoy the Seattle Socialite life.

Apartment searching for the post-grad life starts now. 

Seattle, you're no longer "school," 
but officially become... home.

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