Rye Rye takes the stage at Dell and Intel's Special Engagements

Saturday, March 3, 2012

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 A couple days ago was a #happymonday... The biz cards arrived. I was productive. Did I mention, it was sunny?! And last but certainly not least, props to my friend Zach aka Zapan who got me on the list for a concert hosted by Dell and Intel's Special Engagements featuring Rye Rye, M.I.A.'s little project - a star in the making. Her beats are sick, and she can definitely bust a move.

I would say she's a mix of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and M.I.A. Definitely a good blend. 
My favorite jams from Rye Rye: "Never Will Be Mine" feat. Robyn and "Sunshine" feat. M.I.A.

Be on the lookout for this girl, because she's making strides.

Here are some photos from the evening:
Sorry they are in bad quality... these were taken via my blackberry.

Rye Rye wowing the crowds with her song "Sunshine."

Favorite photo of the night.
Had a great evening with close friends (Robert and Tida made it out) and made some new ones (Mayuri, glad we could finally meet). Can't wait for the next Special Engagement!
Be sure to check out Tida's photography. It is absolutely breathtaking!

Missed the concert? Noisey posted a video highlighting the best moments of the night. #swagon

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