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Monday, April 9, 2012

lake union
Every weekend begins with a healthy run... and lucky for me, the office decided to close early (3 p.m.) for Good Friday/Passover! Did I get out right at 3? Umm.. well, not really.. haha more like 3:45, but regardless, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that afternoon in Norts (Nike running shorts) and an oversized t-shirt.. Yes, you heard right. No sweats - it was that warm outside!

The water was absolutely breathtaking, and of course, made me curious if the puppies would be out at Myrtle Edwards Park, down by the waterfront. I love it when people walk their dogs out by that park... they are just absolutely adorable! So, ran from SLU - past the Space Needle - and down to the piers and through the park... a hard but oh-so-worth-it run. Took in some rays and then realized it was already 5 p.m., which meant it was time to get back and eat/get ready for evening of fun festivities with the girls. Indulged myself at the Whole Foods salad bar and treated myself to a little fruit tart (courtesy of my mother who stocked my fridge with desserts). 

Note to friends: Whole Foods has an awesome salad bar - I filled my bowl to the brim with fresh arugula, spring greens, organic beets, celery, cucumbers, organic tofu, edemame, kidney beans, almonds, sprouts, red onions and some fresh strawberries - all drizzled with an all-natural, no-oil, fig balsamic vinaigrette. (only $9 for a bowl... depending on how much ish you pack into that bowl)

[1] our lovely drinks [2] Me and Carly

Time was tickin' fast... and before I could even catch a breath, it was almost time to go out! Amanda (a fellow co-worker) arrived at my place first, and together, we cabbed to Cap Hill (picking up Carly on the way).

Our first stop was Grim's - my favorite place on Cap Hill for the following reasons:

1) They serve their drinks in mason jars.
2) It has a butterfly lounge... need I say more? BUTTERFLIES!!!
3) I have met some of the cutest guys there.
4) They have a dance floor called, Woods. It's like this place belongs in a storybook... butterflies and woods... outrageously awesome.
5) This was my first non-Ave (University District aka college scene) bar last year.

Drink of choice for the night: Tom Collins
(Carly's: Vodka Sprite with muddled limes | Amanda B's: Spiced Rum and Diet Coke)

The Girls and me at Purr
We made an appearance at Purr to pick up two of my besties... Carl and Robert! Now here is my opportunity to tell you why I like gay bars - which I've been asked several times...

1) I don't get hit on by creepy guys because well, they aren't into women. duh.
2) You get the best compliments, and you know it's real because those guys are always in style.
       ex:. "Girl, I love that dress... you look so hawt, girl!!"
3) They play all the best music aka top 40s aka BRITNEY, betch.

My besties - Carl and Robert
But don't get me wrong, I love me a straight bar... and getting my flirt on with my sistah-friends. So we decided to try out Barca (I was a first-timer). It was definitely a different ambience.  The men were FRATTY. I thought I had escaped the GS (greek system). These men... more like boys... were eyeing girls like cattle. disgusting. The beer goggles weren't really on, so I could see quite well all the "moves" that were being played out. ewww like get yo' hands off my shoulder.. who gave you permission, yo?

One drink there... and it was lame music. We needed to get out of there fast. So we ditched Barca, Carly went home, and it was Amanda-squared skipping in our heels to meet up with Carl and Robert for a dance party at R place! We made two quick detours  - one at Ranch Bravo where we refueled with tacos and the other at Linda's, a popular dive bar. (I may have had an awkward moment... getting hit on by a woman was quite interesting.)

Finally, we made it onto the dance floor of R place - loud, fun fist-pumping songs and sweaty people.. um.. you know it's a real partayyy when there are go-go dancers. The night ended with a giggly, cab ride and sore feet.

It's officially peonies season - my favorite flowers have arrived.
I bought 4 stems at Pikes Place Market on Saturday morning after my run.

Saturday morning began with another long run - this time it was just down to the piers, ending at Pikes' Place Market. When I got to Pikes, all I could see was color. Reds, yellows, greens, pinks - flowers were in bloom everywhere. I was immediately drawn to the tulip stand... but didn't have cash on me. Luckily, I remembered that there was an ATM down the street, but when I headed down Pike, my eyes caught bucket of pink peonies - my favorite flowers!! Their season had just started, and that flower stand was one of the first to have them in the area. Of course, I was hooked... so I bought four stems (one for my bathroom, and three for my desk at work). 

Quickly ran home, trimmed and put them in water, hopped in the shower and got ready for adventures to the mall. The girls and I (Shirley and Amanda B) had plans for mission retail therapy. Let's just say five hours later, I was "shopped out."

Dungeness crab eggs benedict and a Hibiscus Kiss brunch cocktail
Easter Sunday began with sunny rays shining through my window, waking me up at 7:30 a.m. Yes, I woke up that early without an alarm clock, and it felt amazing. Put on my Sunday best and headed to Christ Our Hope, Catholic Church on 2nd avenue, where I heard the Lord's Word and sang His praises. It was a beautiful service, and a great way to start the new liturgical year.
Awkward moment at church? Getting "matched" and asked if I had heard of the Catholic Singles' events. Apparently, there is a "Catholic" version of match.com... and I was highly encouraged to go check it out.

Celebrated the day with brunch at Etta's, one of my favorite T.Douglas restaurants. I had a delectable Dungenness Crab eggs benedict drizzled with a crab butter hollandaise sauce, homemade fries and crisp honey apples - paired with a Hibiscus Kiss brunch cocktail - grapefruit, champagne and bitters.

The combination of sun, booze and brunch may have made me all warm and fuzzy because the moment I arrived back at my studio... I fell into a 2-hour nap, that left me so refreshed.

As much as the day sunny day made me feel energized, I was not motivated to make the cake pops, I had planned to whip up on Friday. What resulted instead was a cooking frenzy... five pots, two pans, and countless bowls later, I made hearty rosemary, ginger kale and chicken noodle soup, kale-wrapped salmon on top of sauteed asparagus, and beef bourguignon. boom. chef-in-the-making, betchesss.

Now here I am with a spotless kitchen and a pile of laundry.... what's a girl to do? I know.. go to bed because it's way past her bed-time. Taking one household chore at a time.

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  1. omg Rancho Bravo... I miss!

    Also warning, I was told by 2 very greasy men that they wanted to sandwich me once at a gay bar on Cap Hill. Gotta keep your shields up a little. :)


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