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Monday, April 16, 2012

happy monday.

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Good morning to a great cup of coffee and a bowl of steel cut oats with drizzled honey and brown sugar. Today's a start to a brand new week of productivity, concentration and success. Things to look forward to include lunch dates, dinner with my little Diamond, my first Lake Washington Alumnae Association happy hour for the sorority and an adventure on Saturday to the Skagit Tulip Festival.

"Be positive" tip of the day: On Mondays, block out time in the morning to outline your entire week - include time for emails, lunches, breaks, and work time. Also highlight special events of the week such as dinners, happy hours and weekend fun. (Be sure to note these highlights in a bright color or even better... your power color - it will help keep you stay focused and give you that extra burst of energy when you're feeling sluggish because you have something you're working towards.) Lastly, keep a daily to-do list with crossable deliverables. You'll feel better throughout the day when you're able to make mini-accomplishments.

As you start your week this morning, what are you most looking forward to? What's going to motivate and get you through that 3 o' clock afternoon of - uhhhh, why does time move so slow?

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