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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Woke up this morning to a gorgeous, sunny day in Seattle... next thing I know, I was out the door for my usual stroll through the Market to soak up the beautiful rays and enjoy my a new book. 

Today, my sweet tooth guided my adventures to The Chocolate Market (located in the middle of Post Alley) where I devoured salted caramel fudge and two truffles - one marionberry and the other loganberry. 
marionberry truffle - dark chocolate
loganberry truffle - milk chocolate
They were absolutely incredible with their smooth, decadent, melt-in-your-mouth filling surrounded by their respective rich, chocolate shells. For some reason though, my sweet tooth wanted more... the truffles were such a tease, and my stomach grumbled for more sweetness. Where to next?

My favorite French bakery in Seattle: Le Panier. This little gem of a shop sits right in the middle of Pike's Place and is a part of my weekend ritual -- either for a fresh baguette, macarones or their famous, delicate meringues. Today, I chose a slice of heaven aka Naploean. Light, flaky pastry sheets alternated with a creamy, cool custard filling creates a crispy yet chewy decadence in your mouth.

love the beautiful glaze on top of the Napolean
After finishing that immaculate slice, I was finally satisfied... at least for today. Consuming such gorgeous desserts were a real treat today on this beautiful Saturday. I wonder where my sweet tooth will lead me to next weekend? The Chocolate Box or maybe, my love for savory goods will guide my gastronomic adventures. (I think maybe a visit to Marché?) 'Til then, have a wonderful rest of your Saturday evening!

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  1. omg looks so good! I'm so jeal you live so close to the market!

    totally broke into a box of chocolate covered biscuits after reading this... ;)


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