season greetings.

Monday, December 24, 2012

From my family to yours - wishing you the very best this holiday season!

Sorry it's been a little quiet lately... being at home is a nice way to unplug from everything, with the occasional work email and a few tweets here and there. But really though- shutting down the computer and putting away the phone makes time with my family more worthwhile. No buzzing, no chirping, no ring-a-lings to distract me.. just the sound of laughter, love and a little Christmas jingle. 

Oh yes, and tons of baking (my favorite tradition)! Rice krispie treats, chocolate cake (my aunt's birthday is Christmas eve!), pumpkin creme brulee and cookies galore - we've been whipping up a pastry storm.

Absolutely in love with being at home with my family during the holidays - wouldn't have it any other way. Truly blessed and grateful for them, my friends (old and new), co-workers and other loved ones. I'm stoked to see what more wonderful memories we will all make in the New Year.

Cheers to the red stockings on the mantle, the garland and ribbon, glittered ornaments that frost the tree, the dancing gingerbread men all dressed up in icing, and of course to the rest of my dearest family. Especially, to my grandmother, whom I love ever so much. Grandma, I wish you well. Get better for us this Christmas season. 

Last but certainly not least, cheers to you and your loved ones! 


  1. Enjoy being at home!
    Merry Christmas, my very sweet little one! Hope you have the most fabulous of holidays this year!


    1. Aww Merry Xmas to you, too Erica! Thanks for reading, xoxo


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