An Ode to the Egg.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

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To be completely honest, this post is just a tad bit "not my normal stuff," but for some reason, the subject was top of mind. Yes... I'm thinking about eggs right before I close my eyes for the night... or maybe it's the fact that I just de-shelled five soft-boiled eggs. Regardless, here is my ode to our beloved and sometimes overlooked ingredient.

Simple yet a staple in my fridge - it was about one year ago when I first learned how to poach an egg that I truly came to appreciate it.

Last year's thoughts: Eggs are boring.
If you met me one year ago and asked which I'd prefer - scrambled eggs with bacon or a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon lox.. I would have gladly and immediately grabbed that beautiful fish and creamy, carb-filled circle out of your hand - then devoured it in seconds. For me, scrambled eggs and omelettes just weren't my thing. 

Then, I met my main squeeze who's obsession with breakfast and eggs is out of this world. He loves breakfast, brunch, breakfast for dinner -- basically anything that meant he could whip out those little, white delicate eggs and a cup of coffee. So... I began to cook more with them, and what I discovered was that I did indeed love eggs -- it was just the way they had been prepared before that I didn't enjoy.

What I found out: Scrambled eggs are not my favorite. 
Apologies to m'dear friends who thoroughly enjoy their eggs beaten, whipped and tossed in that frying pan or skillet... I just don't like 'em. No matter how many peppers, onions, types of cheese and other fixin's you throw in there - I just won't be completely satiated. It's not the fact that scrambled eggs aren't good. The truth is... I think the integrity of the egg is now lost - which brings me to the importance of the egg yolk. My idea of a perfect egg dish is when the yolks are warm and runny... sunny side up or over easy... it's just beautiful when you cut through a yolk and see its goodness spilling all over - ready for you to mop it up with a rustic, French baguette or roasted sweet potatoes. That's the heart of the egg, where all the good protein and richness is -- why break it up? I guess this thinking also applies to my indifference towards omelettes -- super particular about those, too. But that's another story.

My all-time preference: Poached eggs. 
In a cup, on top of an English muffin and Canadian bacon or gently spooned onto a piece of wheat toast with avocado slices -- that delicate poached egg brings a smile to my face. No need for extra toppings or fillings like the scramble or omelette ... just staying true to the egg and its integrity. A tiny dash of salt or pepper is all it needs. yum.

The technique for successfully poaching the egg without disassembling the whites in your boiling pot of water or overcooking the yolks is absolutely challenging. However with practice and countless YouTube tutorials later, I'm proud to say that it's gotten much better... Also, mucho thanks to Martha Stewart's Easy Poached Egg Instructions... IDK where I'd be with out her. Probably, still spinning my pot of boiling water continuously and accidentally stabbing it with a slotted spoon. 

Needless to say, with my rediscovery of egg love - I've never once overlooked them again as a "meh" ingredient in the fridge. A few easy egg recipes I've tried and loved along the way include savory oatmeal, veggie quinoa breakfast bowl and a polenta winter salad

Have you ever underestimated certain foods before - 
like kale or cauliflower before they became popular food trends?
Would love to know which ingredients you've learned 
to love and use in your every day cooking! 


  1. Oh my goodness I love eggs! I've actually written about 20 posts about my love of eggs in my mind haha. Love this! Scrambled is also not my favorite, though.

    1. Haha glad to hear there's other people who understand my odd love for eggs!


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