this week: turning twelve times two.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

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And just like that, another year has flown by... can you believe it? It's time to pop a bottle and throw some confetti, folks. Granted I got a little too excited and started birthday festivities yesterday with pink cupcakes, plenty of happy hours, daisies and more - but, I'm beyond thrilled to head home (offline from work) this week and celebrate with my family in Portland.

What's on the agenda? Sleep, quality brunch dates with Mama Nguyen and a little spa action. Also - last but not least - packing for a wild trip to the outdoors of Victoria, Canada with my main squeeze and his family for a lovely Father's Day weekend. Follow along via Instagram for snippets of my deep sea and outdoor experience!

Thanks again to all those who sent some early sweet wishes, texts and cards! Celebrating for a whole week is so much better than just the day itself, right? :) Countdown to the official day of birth begins now... Thursday can't come soon enough.

Cheers to twenty-four and amazing, new adventures ahead!

To get me in the festive mindset, I've made a "Birthday Week" playlist! Jam with me below. 

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  1. I love Victoria! Sounds like you have an amazing month ahead of you :) Happy birthday!


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