the handwritten note.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I believe in the art of handwriting - the beauty behind the curly script and feather-like movements of the pen. Confession: handwritten notes are my weakness. They win my heart ten times over hand-picked flowers. 

From the color of the ink to the gorgeous cardstock - notes are not just plucked from an aisle at the store. They are hand-selected, thought over and picked with love. Whether it's a gold trimmed edge or embossed initials, I love them all. 

Yes, I'm that girl who has a love for paper and pen... but can you blame me? Quality cardstock just speaks volumes. 

Recently, I re-filled my stockpile of stationary with these beautiful xoxo noteset from sugar paper. And with my order, I received the sweetest handwritten thank you note for my purchase and the card below. 

Cool, huh? 

I've also fallen in love with these below from Kate Spade, Nordstrom and more:

For more fun, I highly recommend Paper Source, Papyrus and Meri Meri

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