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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reading this you may think that I'm just some pop-culture obsessed college student striving to get the attention of famous fashionistas and celebrity bloggers such as Perez Hilton, etc.

Am I obsessed with pop culture? Yes, but who isn't?

Am I a stereotypical adolescent teenager? I try to think otherwise.

Being a sophomore at one of the most liberal universities on the West Coast, University of Washington, I'm pursuing a degree in Communications and am planning to have a career in the fascinating world of Public Relations.

This is my last year as a teenager.... Frightening? Very much so.
Worried? No more than any other college student desperately searching for a job/internship in a recession such as this present one. I'd like to say that I'm a part of the more motivated and mature levels in my age group. But who am I to categorize myself? That's up to you and society, since in our culture, it is seen as normal to automatically judge a person without knowing much about them except for their background, rank, and occupation. As I continue.....

Interests? Yes, a diverse set including: yoga, baking, at least one cup of tea/coffee per day, and of course, upholding the highest ideals of womanhood guided by the sorority I pledged just last year.

Oh... and the most common question of any person with a higher education might ask: Do I enjoy reading? After CBS Katie Couric's huge cover on the illiteracy rates and decline in reading comprehension scores over the past couple of years, I must say that this question pops up frequently at the dinner table with an older audience.
The answer: Yes, I'm a reader. I enjoy the classics, occasional gossip/romance novels that use extensive product placement (My senior English teacher refuses to acknowledge these pieces of writings as literature... I agree completely), and of course, I am infatuated with the pop culture criticisms and analyses of Chuck Klosterman and Malcom Gladwell. Last but not least, I'm an avid news-reader of Newsweek, Vanity Fair, and once in awhile, I'll log onto Perez Hilton for some juicy celebrity gossip.

Now to the main purpose of this blog... No, I'm not trying to gain the attention of famous fashionistas or a tabloid in response to the question I prosed at the beginning of this entry.

What am I trying to do? I'm still not 100% completely sure... the last blog I attempted was also called "The Accessory," and the headline was: "GIVING CAREER ORIENTED AND FASHION-SAVVY WOMEN THE INSIDE SCOOP ON DISCOVERING THE ESSENTIALS IN LIFE." That blog... well... that was a big FAIL. Let's just say I didn't get past the third entry, and my mind became blank. There was nothing else for me to say. First off, I couldn't really immerse myself into my writing because I no longer saw myself as
a) Fashion savvy - Yes, I am in a sorority and love reading magazines... but that doesn't constitute me a fashion expert... I'm not enrolled in a fashion-forecasting class at FIDM.
b) Career-Oriented - Although I do identify myself as a very career-oriented (focused) person, I don't find myself constantly thinking about my future occupation. I'm still a sophomore discovering my passions in life.
c) Woman - Since when did turning 18 = becoming an adult... oh yes, the day all of my friends decided that it was the day that we were free from home/parents and off to college: land of the free... I beg to differ... College: the land of making your own mistakes and taking responsibility. Being an adult wasn't exactly what everyone cut it out to be me... I hear it only gets worse after 21. Yes, I'm a girl, a lady, a woman.... but am I really a "Woman?" I don't really know.
Mature? I hope so. Grown-up? Yes. Understanding the principles of right from wrong? Yes. Knowing the essentials in life? Hmmm... I'm a little unsure.. Obviously, I probably haven't lived more than half of my life yet, and am still in the first quarter of it. I still have room to grow, a lot to learn, and the rest of my life to discover what I truly need, want, and desire.

So with this blog, I'm not telling you what you need in life. I'm simply sharing what I think is most important through pop culture critiques and personal stories from yours truly. Yes, I will have a few suggestions, maybe a strong opinion, or even a profound idea for you bloggers out there, but take it as you wish. That's the beauty of culture. Either you hate it or you embrace it.

I hope you embark on this journey with me to find what we truly need in life: the accessory to our lives.

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