Leavings Falling Up

Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn leaves at the base of a great oak
Henna red, mustard yellow, and burnt brown
Crisp at the edges
Holes of all sizes towards its center, exposing a delicate, skeletal-like structure
Held together ever so gently by the intricate framework of its once-pumping veins
What was once alive now lies on the barren ground of Mother Earth
Tattered, stepped on, and neglected at the trunk

No need for attention
Simply moving through motions
Just getting by
Searching for a purpose

Just when all else seems to fail
A breeze of hope
Lifted into the air
Swirling on the pavement
Gaining momentum

Sailing care-free with the wind
Traveling blindly towards the unknown
A rush of adrenaline
No fear

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