July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today is unlike any other. As usual, I'm sitting at Starbucks attempting to write another paper for my Mass Media class. The assignment: Write a 300-400 word review/critique. Of course, being a food fanatic, I chose to review what would be published in the dining category of the A&E section of a typical newspaper. For this project, I chose Le Panier, the French bakery located on the corner of Pikes Place.

As I'm beginning to write this piece, I quickly glance at the person beside me. Nope. It wasn't the old fifty-something year old that was sipping his americano and nibbling on his scone this morning. But rather, the boy that who had caught my eye for quite some time now is sitting ever so casually, with headphones in his ears, book open in front of him, highlighter in hand, and ready to study. It has been five weeks now, that I've seen this same person at the Starbucks down by University Village. Every time I am studying at Starbucks, he is somewhere in the same room, with his laptop opened and studying. Probably a summer quarter student at UW, but then again I'm not 100 percent sure. All I know, is that what was once observed from a far, is now sitting approximately two feet from me. Do I dare talk to him? No. Never. Do I not have confidence? Why, yes I do have the guts to muster up a couple of words but the REAL question is whether that would be appropriate or not.. NO is the correct answer.

In our day and age, feminists are promoting this idea of women being more forward. Yes, I do agree that sometimes women should take the initiative. But I for one, am still a great fan of chivalry. With that being said, it is always the man that begins the courting, not the woman. As a result, I guess I'll have to resort to observing from a far even if that means.. we will probably never "officially" meet.

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