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Friday, November 12, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

There is not a better place that I'd call home than of Portland, OR. A city that's small enough to run into a friend everyday... but big enough that the sophisticated trendsetter could appreciate an elegant five star restaurant overlooking the waterfront and hop into one of the au courant martini bars in the Pearl District.

As time passes by, I'm beginning to realize that I must take my first steps into the real world.... in a little over a year now... (13 months to be exact) I'll be graduated (finally) from the University of Washington. Even though it's 1 quarter before everyone else... I'm worried that I still won't have an edge over the rest of my 2012 class. Finding a job is a tad bit difficult right now. And then the question remains... whether to stay in SEATTLE or to move back to the the City of Roses?

Portland will always be my home... but I think before I return, I would like to have some adventures first. Staying in Seattle for a bit is a possibility... Bright lights... a Bigger City.. more people to meet. But if the EO internship works out well... I'll be testing out Southern living in Atlanta, GA this upcoming summer... and who knows? Maybe I'll apply to be an LC.. and all cities will be within reach.

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