Not your Traditional Cup of Joe

Monday, November 15, 2010

Per usual... I'm slightly distracted in class, and instead of paying attention to my US Media History lecture, I resort to the Dining and Wine section of the New York Times online. Today, my interesting read of the day involves a good 'ole cup of joe with a twist: Spiked Coffee.
absolutely delectable... 1 grande, double shot, non-fat, 1 pump hazelnut cappuccino, please!

In the article, Bruni writes about the the strange concoction of caffeine and alcohol that recent bars have been creating to keep the buzz going for their trendiest socialites. Stimulant-depressant-contradictory beverages are sure to mess with the overall well-being of one's body. As much as I love my daily cup of coffee and can never get enough of my dearest Starbucks, I think I'll pass on the extra buzz... The only shots I'll be taking are espresso.. and make it a doppio!

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