Cashmere, Chiffon, Silk, and Sequins.. OH MY!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm obsessed with everything. A twist on American classics, J. Crew is simply fabulous. Elegant, classy, and at the same time, still very trendy.... the clothes whisper "buy me" ever so softly and sweetly into my ear when I walk into the store. The textures of tweed,
wool, italian cashmere, and silk can be found all over the store.

The company is broken into three different brands. J.Crew itself is the classic, luxe store known for its suiting, cashmere products, the cafe capris, and the Jenna cardigan. Madewell, another brand, is definitely suited for the more hip-trendsetter. The clothes scream urban-chic and is definitely much more appropriate for a metro-city gal. The chains, mesh, velvet, and various fringe pieces are great for mix/matching. Last but not least, the children's line: CREWCUTS.

Being a little biased since I'm a current employee of Crewcuts, I must say that the clothing is of impeccable quality for the child.

Where can you find a gorgeous, bright red taffeta Holiday dress, with a gold zipper on the back and fluffy cap sleeves in a size 2 other than the miniature J.Crew store, itself?

Some may argue that these children are much too young to own such luxurious items... but I beg too differ. Although at age 2 - 7, it is a bit odd to purchase your child a full outfit including tulle, sequins, and chiffon. But as they reach age 10, it's not whether the the clothes are too expensive or mature. What is most important is that the child is exposed to a sense of refinement and of class.

It is the idea that contemporary classics and modern fashion can help mold a child by grooming them into what is considered very respectable to society. For that matter, there is no shame to buy a v-neck cardigan, a snow-white oxford button up, dark Vintage jeans, and a pair of suede MacAllister boots for your 9 year old son. It's never too early, to have him looking smart and sharp!

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