Sunday, December 26, 2010

Style Icon of 2010: Olivia Palermo


Is that even a question up for discussion...

Palermo sports exquisite taste on and off the red carpet. She first caught America's eye as the fashionista-drama queen on MTV's "The City," a show that follows the uprising career of young designer, Whitney Port, in New York City. 

 photos courtesy of Between the Dash
In the picture above, she sports a simple nautical striped t-shirt, flouncy white skirt, and metallic oxfords. Casual and girlie, Palermo's outfit showcases effortless fashion. The gem of all handbags, the Birken Bag: a signature from Hermes, is draped ever so delicately on her arm. Loose waves pinned back, Palermo's got Spring NYC fashion under her belt. 

By evening, Palermo easily transforms herself from street chic to glitzy glamour. The high waisted black jacquard skirt is to die for and the loose top ads a touch of elegance with its delicate neckline. 

Palermo's black cocktail dress is a bit edgier and she wears it well with her hair back showcasing the ruffle one-shoulder ensemble.

Last but certainly not least, her romantic-inspired wavy curls let free with the deep-v chiffon maxi cut dress elongates her torso and gives the illusion of a light airy goddess.

This woman exudes style and her clothes and taste for fashion are impeccable. Amidst all of the Hollywood glamour and raves about Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, or the other celebrities being trendy... I might agree to disagree.

This NYC famous Socialite mixes vintage designers with modern contemporary fashion, making a great eclectic combination of the old and new trends. Her taste in fashion alone is fabulous... but I also love her choices in statement jewelry such as the piece she is wearing on the right by Roberta Freymann

Love. LOVES. loves.

New Years' Resolution #1: Get new wardrobe - Palermo inspired...

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