Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogspot Fail Number 1 occurred within a matter of 10 seconds ago. I had a whole "Letters to Juliet" / Romeo and Juliet tribute written out, and then with it's auto-save draft feature, it accidentally saved it in the exact minute that my computer decided to do one of its random "select-all" and delete ticks... and BAM. It was all gone... the Undo button couldn't retrieve it. It was already saved as blank. 

Two hours worth of writing, researching, and computer-screen-scrutinizing were all gone, and now you my readers, don't get to read the amazing "stuff" I had for you. 

Hopefully, the creativity juices will flow again and I'll produce something eve better. For now, it's back to the contemplation process and probably for the best, back to editing resumes, narratives and cover letters.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll have a new entry. 
'Til Then... Buona Sera

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