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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here's a snippet from today's entry of my Wordpress:

"As you can see, first impressions and saying the right things at the right moment are crucial in having a successful recruitment. From eye contact to body posture, the conversation plays a key role in determining membership and how the member sees you as a fit for their chapter.
Likewise in a job interview, the recruiter is noticing whether you can fit in buzz words during the conversation that demonstrate how you would be a good asset to the company. Your attire, hand gestures, and nonverbal communication and attentiveness when he/she speaks are vital, too. Knowing when to be bold and take the initiative in the conversation is important, but also remember that dominating the conversation would be too much. The ten minutes that you spend with a recruiter/member of a sorority is very similar to the first ten minutes you’ll spend with a recruiter during an interview. All of the components of speech and conversation mentioned above in both Formal Recruitment and in career situations are extremely important in that it could decide the overall outcome of the situation.
Today, I will attempt to show you how I master my interviews and conversations using the tips and strategies I learned from my experiences of being Recruitment VP."
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