Funday Sunday

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the East Coast, sororities tend to have Funday Sunday, when fraternities would host a brunch with mimosas outside on their front lawn. The event itself looked like a sea of undresses, bowties, boat shoes and button-ups.

If only these traditional festivities would translate to the Pacific Northwest where rain, umbrellas, UGGs and North Face reign over the wardrobe kingdom.

Today, is Sunday, here in lovely Seattle... not quite "Funday Sunday," since almost the entire Greek Community has packed its bags and scurried 'cross the border to Canadia for the long three day weekend in honor of MLK, or to the many bros and srat sisters as College Weekend/Whistler Weekend.

My definition: a weekend of debauchery and untamed free-for-all, mayhem, which typically results in a two+ days of recovery.  In a way, this weekend is similar to one large frat-tastic party consisting of not just one Greek Community but multiple -- campuses include: University of Oregon, University of Washington, Oregon State University, Western Washington, Washington State University, etc.

If you were to ask how my "college weekend" went, I'd answer, "Relatively relaxing and quiet."

I'm thoroughly enjoying the lack of chaos and noise all around me. It's simply wonderful to have just some peace and quiet, especially when midterm season is quite imminent.

I'd say it's a tame Funday Sunday for me and fun little things that have kept me occupied?

1) Organizing the calendar -- I'm a little anal when it comes to dates and calendars. This was definitely a productive way to spend a bit of my weekend, but now I'll always be on top of all activities and events. Never late. No excuse to forget. Always punctual and forever prepared.

2) Long walks on campus and surrounding neighborhoods-- University of Washington has a beautiful campus. I absolutely adore the "old building" feeling and admiring the architecture of Suzzalo Library. The neighborhoods of Ravenna and others near 18th and 47th are just marvelous to go exploring. The houses are so quaint and adorable. The air-- crisp and fresh. Noise level -- very minimal -- just the way I like it.

3) Internship and other various applications/frivolous paperwork -- I currently have 6 internship applications, an honor society application, and a nomination letter to write. One honor society app and nomination letter - done... 6 internship apps (including resumes and cover letters) to go and due by February... Mantra: I can do it. I must do it. I can do it. I must do it.....

4) Snack trip to Trader Joe's --- Hummus and Naan anyone? Delicious.

5) Homework -- I wouldn't consider this an enjoyable task... but considering I have a midterm on Wednesday, I'd say it is an obligation that must be fulfilled.

After evaluating all of this, I'd probably deem that Funday Sunday is more of a Productive Sunday... but either way, I hope everyone in Whistler is having a marvelous time. As much as that would have been fun, I'm glad I'm not anticipating the days of recovery from a wild weekend.

Song for the weekend: Writer's block by Just Jack

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