Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No, I'm not speaking about the new IFC show "Portlandia" that exposes all of the eccentric, hippie-like mannerisms of Oregonians. But, don't get me wrong; I LOVE that show and sadly, some of those jokes are true... maybe a bit exaggerated.

Portland - land of the bicycles, Rip City, PDX.
Whatever you want to call it. It's HOME to me. 

For your special treat today, I'm going to reveal to you my favorite aspects of my beloved Portland... the City of Roses, Voodoo Doughnuts, and much more.
And so we begin...

Voodoo Doughnuts
Probably located in what you would consider as one of the sketchier areas of Portland
 but so worth it. 
Fried dough; enough said. 
The Bacon Maple Bar, Captain My Captain, or The Old Dirty Bastard
If you're really up for the challenge... try the Texas Challenge. Eat the entire doughnut under 80 seconds, and you'll get your money back. Guaranteed. 
(Me and Sarah R. (Fellow ADPi sister who came to visit!) - Summer of 2009)

This pictures is taken right in the middle of NW 23rd - one of the hippest, vintage-like areas of Portland. Some of Portland's finest dining is located in this area (others are in the heart of Downtown and the Pearl District)
Great eats within the area include Papa Haydn, El Matador, and Lucy's Table. 


Papa Haydn - Their dessert is absolutely delectable. It will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. 
Loves: Boccone Dolce, Raspberry Gateau, Panna Cotta or the Marjolaine! 

(Boccone Dolce - layers of fresh fruit and Chantilly cream and swiss meringues drizzled with chocolate... orgasmic!)

El Matador - Shots of patron for everyone; this tequlia bar has some of the greatest tapas too -- must have an order of the Tex-Mex Spring Rolls and and Ancho-Chipotle Wings. YUM

Lucy's Table - The goat cheese ravioli is to die for and I'm a big fan of their risotto. Their menu is exquisite. There's always something new, in season, fresh and absolutely delicious.

10 minutes away... my favorite little brunch getaway - Meriwethers

Within walking distance from Washington Park and just 5 minutes from the Oregonian Zoo, this little NW 23rd Portland neighborhood-like area is a hot spot for locals.  It holds a special place in my heart. LOVES it. 

(the story of saint cupcake -- too cute)

Just a couple streets away on NW 17th and Flanders, sits an adorable cupcake shop:
Saint Cupcake. One of my favorite hang-outs as a high-school kid when I attended Jesuit. My best friend, Sarah, and I would always have our little rendezvous here and catch up on life/gossip. 

Saint Cupcake (in my opinion) is better than Seattle's Trophy Cupcake.. don't get me wrong. I do love to gorge myself every once in awhile when I make the occasional trip to University Village, especially when my stomach begins to rumble from lack of sugar intake.

BUT I just simply love Saint Cupcake more. I don't know if it's because if it's a Portland thing or because I've grown up with it. Is it the fact that the little shop screams pink when you first go inside? Girly-ness everywhere? Well, I don't exactly know.. One thing I do note is that the cupcakes are much smaller. (My Size!) Their regular size is about half the size of a Trophy and then they also have the option of a dot, which is a bite-sized cupcake (comes in every flavor)... I guess it's the "less guilty" feeling because I can eat two dots at Saint Cupcake.

Best flavors hands-down: Red Velvet, Big Top, and for all you earthy, go-green health nuts - I HEART the VEGAN CUPCAKES TOO!



Masu Sushi  is located on SW 13th Ave right above American Apparel in downtown PDX and across from the Pearl District. Some of the best sushi I've ever had hails from this restaurant. A little pricey, but the quality is amazing. Love the sashimi and the rolls that I adore include the following: Japanther, the Nemo, and Japanista. Drink of choice? The Hello Kitty.

(Oh and the pictures of the restaurant are complimentary of yours truly... I experimented a little with photography back in the day... the subject in the photos - BFF Elizabeth)

Other reasons why I LOVE Portland:

No Sales Tax - shopping 'fo days....

Home of the BLAZERS!!!!

Washington Park is absolutely gorgeous. Picnics and a little "Funday Sunday" would be prime there... especially if it includes a little wine and cheese among the beautiful roses.

The hippie culture -- gotta love it. I have never been to another place that can exude the intense granola-ness that I have witnessed in PDX. Hemp. Mary-Jane. Bicycles = art. Where flannel is a staple article of clothing and everyone rides the tram. That's Portland.

So now that you've read some of my favorite things/places to eat in Portland, I hope you understand why I am, at times, homesick. It is a place where I truly feel at ease and brings me a sense of comfort. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle and exploring new cities and having adventures, but the return back to Rip City --- that will always make my heart go "pitter patter."

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