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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Vacation Style Guide" from Nordstrom's recent look book.
Nordstrom Fashion editor Susan Joy and editor Justin Abbott posted the "Vacation Style" guide on its website this past week. According to travel forecasters and the editors, the hot spots for this spring include Colombia (referred to as "the Paris of South America), India and Zanzibar Archipelago. All of these places scream HOT HOT HOT!

Prepare to bronze, beautify and rejuvenate the skin before your trip. Nordstrom showcases several products to help with baggy eyes, runny-raccoon eyes, chapped lips and more.

Fashion-wise: It's all about the print and exotic colors. Think Tory Burch in Barbados.

LOVE of the Style Guide: The idea of a "quick change." I'm all about comfy chic.

Hope you enjoyed my fashion tidbit today. 

I'm sure I'll have another post up today. 


  1. Amanda, glad you liked our travel story!

    So which destination do you want to visit first?

    - Justin, Nordstrom team

  2. Justin,

    First off, thanks for reading my blog post. I'm honored. And Yes, I loved your travel story. It was cohesive, eye-catching, and great insight into the fashion forecast for spring and resort wear.

    In response to your question, I'd say I would love to visit India. That would be awesome.


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