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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anna Wintour photo courtesy of StyleSponge
Editor in chief -- the Madonna of Fashion -- critically acclaimed as one of the most amazing women of her time... 
That is Anna Wintour. 

My deep admiration for this woman has dated back to May 2000. I was a mere ten and picked up my first Vogue, admiring its cover which featured Kate Moss in various bright shades of eyeshadow sipping a large cup of what appears to be a coca-cola product. The tag-line at the bottom "Fashion Meets Art," caught my attention. That was the beginning of my love and deep appreciation for the fashion industry and the work/efforts that is put into it.
Vogue Cover (May 2000)

In 2007, R.J. Cutler directed a documentary about her and the fashion world that she rules: "The September Issue." Click to watch the trailer.

Viewers get a first glance of what it really is like to work in the fashion industry: the high-stress environment, the pressure and the glamorous clothes. It's nothing like "The Devil Wears Prada." All employees work together to bring the best possible work to the company in order to help drive up sales for the publication and its parent company, Condé Nast Publications.

Good quotes from the film include the following:

"September is the January of fashion..." -- Candy Pratts Price, Creative Director of Vogue

"Fashion is not about looking back; it's looking forward." 
-- Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue

Beyond the fashion components of Vogue, the marketing and sales efforts that goes into helping maintain the reputation and distinguished name of the publication is interesting to note in the film. I highly recommend it to any fashionista. It's a gem of a film.. and currently on order via Amazon right now. 

Back to my rambles about Wintour and Fashion:

It's amazing to think that the success of this $300 billion fashion world truly sits in the hands of the one and only Anna Wintour. Increase in sales at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marios and other luxury retailers is heavily dependent on the spreads and covers of Vogue and what trends they are pushing. Vogue is, in essence, the Fashion Bible... and she controls it. She is the final approval for that sweater you're wearing or that clutch you're sporting to the next black tie gala for a charity event. 

After years of reading Vogue and fawning over all of the latest trends, color palettes, cover-stories and interviews with celebrities, I am still hooked. The world of fashion has always intrigued me.

wise words from yours truly... (or attempts to be)

Fashion is truly a self-declaration of the person you are and who you want to become. It says a lot about you are... the personal choices you make with color and style is a means of expression, even if you are completely unaware of it. Those who choose to ignore the trends, well, they are simply blocking themselves from innovation, culture and embracing the "new." As Wintour said, it really isn't about looking back. Fashion is moving forward. It's out with the old and in with the new. It represents the fast-paced environment that we live in, which is constantly changing and moving quickly.  

Enough with my rants on fashion and back to Wintour:

At this very moment, on a Saturday evening of February 5, 2011, I am currently sitting in the dining room of my sorority in a complete awe-obsessive state, rambling on my blog about how much I adore and admire this woman whom I have never met. The respect I have for her is clearly transparent and it will only grow from there. 

Wintour's creative and innovative ideas has set Vogue apart from the rest (i.e. Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, etc.). Being part of the most elite collection of magazines owned by Condé Nast Publications, there is this pressure to be the BEST and maintain that spot at the top. Well, she does just that and more. 

in a nutshell... 
i love her+vogue+fashion.

WANT #165 Be Wintour's little office slave intern for a week 
wouldn't that be so awesome? 
think of all the people you'd meet... the clothes you'd touch/see/feel
Couture... here I come! 

Nothing's out of reach right? 
C'mon, I did apply to the Summer 2011 Internship program at Condé Nast Publications... so we'll see what happens. 

I'll leave today's ramble with one song... it's the one that stuck out to me when I watched "The September Issue."  Burn It All Down by VHS or Beta

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