Elevator Speech

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

photo courtesy of We Heart It.
clear skies. sunshine. non-fat, no-whip white chocolate mocha. t.swift and john mayer. 

Good afternoon friends, and hello to a beautiful sunny Seattle day! 

Currently waiting for my shift at crewcuts, I'm sitting at a table at the ever popular and super busy Starbucks at University Village. Blackberry (fratberry, if you will) next to me and laptop open, I'm attempting to finish a few cover letters. 

In essence, the cover letter is similar to your "elevator speech": the 30 second schpeel about yourself -- selling yourself to an employer with precision and clear words. 

Not going to lie, this is the worst part of an application. Resumes are easy to spruce up and edit... Filling out my name, address, etc. is monotonous and easy. BUT figuring out the best way to make that 30 second impression is quite difficult, especially when you have such a small amount of space and don't know exactly what to put or omit. 

I'm now wondering if practicing in the elevator would actually help me be more concise... 

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