Bittersweet Spring Break

Monday, February 28, 2011

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Home Sweet Portland...

This spring break, I'll be returning back to Portlandia - home of the Blazers, the Rose City, Voodoo doughnuts and no sales tax shopping. So the original plan was to visit family in Scottsdale and catch some rays... but in the end it was just a huge hassle and inconvenience for everyone. Instead, Momma gave me a "lesson" or test, if you will, and proposed this:

a. I could still go to Scottsdale, AZ for five days and spend time with my cousins even though they are still in school and not on spring break -- potential of being bored/alone

b. Save the $500 and do whatever I want with it. Spend spring break with her at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

This was tricky one... initially, I really wanted to go to Scottsdale. The idea of being tan and relaxing by the pool was quite enticing. However, I reevaluated the situation because (1) I think this was a test from my mom to prove to her my maturity in picking the more sensible choice and (2) $500 was a lot of money that my mom was just going to give to me. 

So being the mature adult (or attempting to be mature/responsible) I went with Option B. I am going to buy a Pantsuit (Nicole's - Schnickerdoodle-  favorite word haha jk... she hates it and prefers fancy pants instead) from J.Crew including the matching pencil skirt. Then, I'll save the rest for this summer.

Not spending it all at once = signs of growing up.

Gahh... this is bittersweet... but the extra money is a definite plus. 

So farewell to the sun and fun in Scottsdale...
 and hello to rainy Portland + extra moolah.

All of the Lights feat. Rihanna - Kanye West

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