Saturday, April 2, 2011

photo courtesy of Buns and Borough
step. step. step. jog... 
and now I'm running -- a fast, steady pace
 towards an undetermined destination. 

I just keep going until my legs give out. 

Heart beating uncontrollably, I'm gasping for air, and it's the best feeling: the moment when all the blood rushes to your head, and an overwhelming sensation of heat runs through your body. 

This afternoon I went for one, and not gonna lie, it was a bit painful at first. (Can't remember the last time I ran on a sunny afternoon) 

Route: Down 18th through the Ravenna neighborhood and kept going 'til I hit Green Lake - that was where I ended up. On the way back, I ran through the Greek System (the 17th median) and through our lovely UW campus. Saw a couple of familiar fratdaddy faces on the way there, and got flagged down by a random gentleman on a vespa -- think it was the same one who waved at me obnoxiously in his little blue car on my run back from the lake. For my "cooling down" walk, I wandered among the cherry blossoms in the quad -- B-E-A-utiful! 

The best part of today's run -- that feeling of post-exhaustion, when you're so tired and your legs are giving out but you just keep on running. I had missed that -- the "high" on endorphins and the feeling of letting go everything that was holding me back. Nothing could touch me; I was floating in my own little bubble and releasing it all. simply wonderful- just couldn't get enough of it. 

Tomorrow, I'll give 'dem legs a rest... and I'm looking forward to hopefully (keep 'em fingers crossed) another sunny day. The weather forecast says cloudy and a 30% chance of rain - let's hope the weatherman is wrong. Waking up early tomorrow for the 9 am mass at St. Joseph's church on 18th... it's a cute little church run by Jesuits - Fr. Pat suggested it; and I'm totes excited to meet new parishioners and share my love for the good Lord with them. It's nice to be back to my old self... runnin' + church + and crafts ... that's all I need for the weekend. 

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