I love the pin you let me wear...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

photo courtesy of The LC Life by Lori C.
poem by a tumblr i stumbled upon this morning...
The Greek That’s Written There
It makes little difference

The size of your pin

Whether it’s large or small,
And if it’s plain
Or brilliant with jewels
Is of no concern at all
But the vows that you took
Along with your pin,
Have you worn them constantly?
Quietly, deep in the heart
Where no one looks to see? 
Have you touched the stars
And reached for once
In your own small piece of sky?
Have you striven for the honorable,
The beautiful, and the high?
What difference then
The shape of the badge,
Be it diamond or quill or square?
The important thing is
How much do you love
The pin you chose to wear?

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