Friday, April 29, 2011

I take thee, Catherine, to be my wife...
For the past six months, the hype around Kate Middleton and Prince William has gotten everyone in a Royal-wedding-frenzy fever.

Today, April 29th, 2011, Cinderella and her Prince Charming made it official with a lavish wedding of over 1900 attendees at Westminster Abbey.

Wearing a silk, lace-overlay dress featuring an 8 foot-long train, Catherine Middleton and Prince William pledged their love to each other -- 'til death do they part. After the wedding ceremony, the Queen bestowed upon the the couple new titles: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The newlyweds' private reception is an exclusive 300 guest event hosted by the Queen, herself and son, Prince Charles. Most likely, close family, friends of the bride and groom and a select few (i.e. royalty) will be in attendance.

Wedding of the Century...

5 Things to love about #RoyalWeddings

  • Big Hats - I want a huge one with a large rim, feathers, jewels, and of course, I'd wear it slanted.
  • Prince Harry - cute & still eligible... maybe I'll meet him this summer and marry into royalty
  • Royalty - itself I love everything with jewels, crowns and all of the titles - aka I told Julia (when she ventured off to London for Study Abroad) that she needed to meet a Lord or the son of a Parliament member at a polo match 
  • You Fancy, huh? Carriages, Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Gucci, Alexander McQueen dresses, Victoria Beckam... okay... you got everything glitzy and glam at this gala, and I.Love.It.
  • The Kiss - Kate and Will planting a big one on each other in front of everyone on that balcony. This is their most anticipated moment of their wedding. Right after they finish the ceremony, they announce their love and marriage to everyone on that balcony.
Homegirl Kate, you probs never thought in your wildest dream you'd be marrying a Prince, become Duchess of Cambridge, wear an Alexander Mcqueen dress and kiss your hubby in front of thousands of UK citizens on the big day... Well girl,  take it all in, because I'm sure at Princess Academy, you're supposed to act like its NBD and do the "pageant wave."

what a happy day for the beautiful couple...

Congratulations W&K! 
a modern day fairy-tale :: may they live happily ever after

For a replay of the wedding, check out ABC which has great coverage and all of the highlights.
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