5 1/2 Weeks... and counting

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

summer: jet-settin' all over the world...
the countdown begins now.
In just five and a half short weeks, I'll begin my summer adventures with a 6:45 am flight from PDX to Denver, and then a straight way 'cross clear blue skies to reach my final destination of Hartsfield Jackson Int'l Airport in ATL - Hotlanta!

How stoked am I? There are no words to describe my excitement -- can't even begin to describe my anticipation and eagerness to fly down now. 80+ degree weather...everyday errday, sundresses, floppy hats, sweet tea, Southern grace and 7 beautiful.amazing ADPi-webleedblueandwhite-alphielovin'-violet-EUGENIA-iheartmypin-ultimate.diamond.studded.srat.castle EO sisters... what more could I ask for?

one of my top ten things to do in ATL: 
sit on a big porch and sip sweet tea while I day-dream/unwind after a long day

After an amazing internship at ADPi Headquarters, I'll be returning to my beloved Pacific NW - hipster and all - and spend the end of July with family in my hometown of Portland, OR and visiting relatives from Dallas (CHYEAH - i.heart.texas.) and Scottsdale, AZ. Happy hour in the Pearl District, shopping at Bridgeport, running along the Columbia River and hikes up at Multnomah Falls - oh how I've missed it! 

August 10th I'll embark on another adventure with my beloved Momma to Europe where we will be taking an 11 day tour through Italy, Switerland, France and England. Not gunna lie... 11 days just aren't enough, so the plan is to go back next summer... anybody wanna join? 

photo courtesy of We Heart It

From Portland to New York... and then it's across the pond, we go! 
really funny story... on the way back from London, we have a 2 hr. lay-over in ATL
is it possible to do a quick trip to EO or a fellow sista come visit me at the airport?

11 Day Itinerary

Italy:: Rome + Florence + Venice

Day 1: Arrive in Rome and explore until 6 pm dinner with the tour group and director

Day 2: Seeing all of Rome -- Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Square, Basilica, Colosseum and Roman Forum -- shopping, gelato, and getting wooed by cute Italian boys in Vespas.. ya dig? 

Day 3: Florence - Tour of the Academy of Fine Arts (Michelangelo!!!), Cathedral (Giotto's Bell Tower), Signoria Square and more shopping

Day 4: Arrive to Venice by private boat - hitting up St. Mark's Square, the Clock Tower, Bridge of Sighs, glassblower demonstration and a serenaded gondola ride

Switzerland:: Lugano + Lucerne

Day 5: Past Milan and Lake Como, we're visiting Lugano to admire the beautiful Swiss Alps... do you hear the sound of music? There's a possibility that my dearest mother and I will attend a folklore party -- set with yodeling and alphorn blowing... bahaha 

Day 6: Onward to Lucerne, we're visiting the famous Thorwaldsen's Lion Monument (the biggest and coolest Alphie ever!) and then crossing the famous Chapel Bridge to a Jesuit Church.... It must be fate:: ADPi + Jesuit... best combos ever! Ending the night with a cruise on one of the fjords. 

France:: Paris

Day 7: Finally.... the city of love, baguettes, Chanel and everything that I absolutely love! Quick trip to the vineyard on the outskirts of Burgandy and Fontainebleau Forest -- arriving into the heart of Paris by night.. momma, let's go galavanting through the city and admire the lights

Day 8: Touristy day in Paris with admiring famous sights: the Opéra, Arc de Triomphe, Champ-Elysées, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Louvre for a bit... then it's off to Versailles (I'm looking forward to this the most!)

England:: London

Day 9: Arrive in London in the afternoon -- free to roam around... possible shopping day? CHYEAH!

Day 11: Morning tour of London to see Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. Option for the afternoon tour includes Windsor Castle or Tower of London... decisions decisions decisions...

this summer is outta control.
non-stop fun. jam-packed. unforgettable

these will the best memories...

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