2 weeks.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 weeks & counting.

That's right... just two short weeks 'til I bid adieu to the classrooms of UW and say "hello" to sweet summer.

Two weeks 'til I am done with finals (wish me luck). I've got two portfolios, a final exam in US Courts and Civil Liberties and one final paper for Law and Society. #LetsGO

Two weeks 'til my 21st birthday -- that's right, I'm finally becoming an adult. Watch out - the little one is going to hit the AVE on the stroke of midnight. Looking most forward to happy hour and being able to participate in the cocktail party portion of PR networking events. 

Two weeks 'til I'll officially be a senior in college (oh.em.gee.where.did.the.time.go?) -- the year of the lasts. 
graduation is imminent.... next fall quarter! eek!

Two more weeks and I'll finally get to see my dearest mama nguyen! 

Two weeks until I'll be hoppin' on a plane going South towards Dixieland and to an amazing internship in Atlanta, GA at ADPi Headquarters. 8 sisters from across the nation - 1 love for the white and blue - 1 unforgettable summer. #wishiwastherewiththemnow.

Just two weeks... that is all. 

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