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Friday, May 27, 2011

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In exactly 11 days, this will be me... maybe minus the heels and in exchange for some wedges 
-- on June 7th, 2011, I will be ready to embark on my journey down South, heading towards Dixieland for an amazing summer with my EO intern sisters. HOTLANTA.. you best be ready for me! 

I'm absolutely enthralled that time has just flown by so quickly. It seems like it was yesterday that I got the phone call from Mrs. Ablard regarding my acceptance to be an Executive Office Intern. So Surrreallll..... (if you missed my freak out.. check it out here!)

To my dearest EO Sisters, I just can't wait any longer. I want to be with y'all STAT! Reading Haley's first entry to her blog Southern State of Mind makes me wish I could have been there with you on Day 1, but Lawd knows that I have to take my gosh darn final exams and hand in a couple of papers. Booo hooo... But soon, oh very soon, I'll be prancing down in the land below the Mason-Dixon with you in my Lilly and pearls. We'll soon be cheerin' on the Braves and then for those of legal age, we'd be hittin' up a couple of Atlanta's hottest bars. Hoo haa, my sweet sisters, I'm stoked for this summer with you! 

For those of you non-ADPis, you probably think I'm an absolute obsessed, ADPi cray-cray.... yes, that is 100% true. I'm in love, obsessed and am passionate about my sorority, and I'm absolutely certain that when I arrive at Headquarters, the love will only grow bigger. 

A-L-P-H-A, Oh Yeah D-E-L-T-A, P- I

P.S. Did I mention one more thing.... I'm going to Grand Convention this year! 160th Anniversary at the Arizona Biltmore! WAHOO! Abso-frickin-lutely EXCITED!

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