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Saturday, May 14, 2011


black diamond, bay. bay.

This past Friday, my Alpha Theta sisters and I had our hottest event of the year....the black diamond ball. Held at the EMP (Experience Music Project) in downtown Seattle, the night was filled with magic, fun, mystery and great memories -- theme: Masquerade Ball. 

Off to a rough start at first... you know the usual sorority check-in drama (equatable to PRAMA - prom + drama)... but everyone ended up having a marvelous time tearin' up the dance floor. 

Best friend - ROB!
note: even though he wasn't my date.... we still color coordinated 
Miss AKG - lovesss you Rooms! 


 UW PRSSA (Public Relations Students Society of America) 
On Thursday, UW PRSSA held elections for new executive board officers. This past year, I served as a Co-Director of Visual Communication... and as of Thursday, I am the new PR Director. CHYEAH buddy... I'm so excited for this upcoming year -- it will be amazing! Looking forward to working with the new team.

UW PRSSA Executive Board 2011-2012

President Allie Hooker
Vice President Brianna Ahron 
Treasurer Konrad Palubicki
PR Director Amanda B. Nguyen (yours truly)
Secretary Shirley Kim
Community Outreach Kara Moreno
Historian Carl Turner
Social Media Sean Fraser

New team :: new goals :: new year 

3. and this is the part of the weekend when I freaked out and went crazy - you lucky ducks get to read it all here:

photo courtesy of Kartik Tiki Rishi

Woke up at 7 am this morning to be at Rainier Vista (the grassy knoll/lawn in front of Drumheller fountain on UW campus) to help Robert Higa, my best friend and ASUW Arts & Entertainment co-director with the ASUW A&E's Spring Show. There were about 15 of us volunteering which meant backstage access... EEK! My task today: Pick up Phil Strong with Robert from the airport... not gonna lie, I had notta clue who Phil was or who he represented. I thought he was one of Clipse's managers (another rap group that was featured at the show). Anywho, Robert tells me to casually call up Phil and tell him we were on our way. I left him a message in my utmost professional voice, and then picked him out front of United Airlines as Robert maneuvered the ASUW mini van to the curb. We then became besties... first name and texting basis -- even cracked a joke or two. 
When we got back to UW, all of just waited around for the show to start. 

Sol opened up the concert; he was amazing. A little vulgar with his Trojan song -- I'll let your mind run with that, but overall, he got the crowd pumped. A fellow UW Husky, he was singing his heart out to his peeps, and it was just gratifying to see him party rock it up on stage. 

Next on stage, CLIPSE brought the beats with their "Grindin" and "What Happened to that Boy."
Honestly, I had no idea who they were until today.... apparently, they rap with Pharrel and Keri Hilson. A little too G for me.. but I tried to keep up with the thizz face and yelled "swag," "leggo," "homie," and other "G" sayin's... total poser... #fail  #A+forEffort
and then.... 

he plays the piano.... I'm in love.
images via 

there he was.. MIKE POSNER

31 minutes to take off... that's how it began except every minute was counted off like a second.. so more like 31 seconds 'til Posner was on stage. 
I don't have many words to describe all the emotion and excitement I was feeling when he got on stage. 
EPIC. I had waited for so long to finally hear him live and meet him in person. Since his youtube days of producing music in his dorm room at Duke and his very first old school music video for "Drug Dealer Girl," I was hooked and a huge fan. (You'll learn to know that I'm a big underground music fan.) 
images via 
This afternoon, he sang a bunch of his new songs such as "Cooler than Me," "Please Don't Go" and "Bow Chicka Wow Wow." BUT I looked forward to the older - original songs: Smoke and Drive and "You Don't Have to Leave."
Being backstage was amazing... front row and in front of the barrier, Posner was so close and within reach. 

 and then out of nowhere... he reps a UW jersey!

images via 

Of course at the end of the concert, I HAD to get my poster autographed and take a picture with the one and only Mike Posner... and oh yes, I didn't get just one picture.. I got two! CHYEAH Bay bay. 

YAY - so happy.... straight cheesin'
right as I gave my camera to his manager, Patrick.... he asked
"You ready?" and I replied "Totes... I'm totes ready." #tsm

<> THROWIN' THE D with Mike P. <>
So... remember Phil, whom I mentioned earlier? Well, turns out he wasn't Clipse's manager... He is MIKE POSNER'S PRODUCTION MANAGER. sayyyy what?!?!?!

Can't believe it... I'm such a groupie -- huge fan -- love LOVESSS loves it!

what an amazing weekend.

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  1. 1. Jeal you met Mike Posner!
    2. I LOVED visiting the EMP when I was in Seattle
    3. Love this post in general and glad you had a great week!!


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