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Sunday, May 15, 2011

the lion fountain in the alpha theta courtyard
Happy Founders' Day, sisters! 

May 15, 2011 -- Today marks 160 years of sisterhood for the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. On this very day in 1851, Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald founded the Adelphean Society - now known as Alpha Delta Pi.

First. Finest. Forever. Since 1851.
Me & the Rooms - AKG

Each sister across the nation - no matter the chapter or college is paying her respects and love to our dearest founder, Eugenia. Without her and her fellow sisters, we wouldn't have the close-knit, strong sisterhood that stands today.

The prestige, sacred ritual and honorable traditions that we uphold as sisters are forever engraved in our hearts when we pledged ourselves to the white and blue during Initiation.

On this very special day, we reflect on what Alpha Delta Pi means to us and how our chapter and sisters play such significant roles in our lives -- We live for each other.


 My Great-Grand Big, Kelly, & Me! 

On a spring morning in 1851, the soft hazy light of May dawn cast shadows through the shutters. The six o'clock bell had just rung as Eugenia Tucker lighted her bedside candle. The misty pink rays of the sunrise promised that May 15 would be a beautiful today. 'For today, at Wesleyan College, the first college for women, we have founded the society which we have been planning for so long, The Adelphean Society.'" 

- Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald from "Sisters"

Alpha Delta Pi is not just four years -- it's for a lifetime. The alumnae whom I met today are a pure testament. 

Erica and Me -- love seeing alumnae! 
For those of you who can't tell... I'm sorta.kinda.maybe. really obsessed with my chapter, my sisters, the international organization -- anything ADPi. Let me "throw the D" (throwing the diamond) for ya everyday errday and shake my secret handy-do with any fellow ADPi sister, and that'll put a big smile on my face.

<> Miss Katie B. and me <> 
Alpha Delta Pi Founders (from left to right): Ella Pierce Turner, Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, Octavia Andrew Rush, Elizabeth Williams Mitchell (not pictured), Sophronia Woodruff Dews and Mary Evans Glass.

"The society shall be called Adelphean, and shall have for its object the mental, moral social and domestic improvement of its members." -- May 15, 1851 diary entry of Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald

International Officer, Mrs. Rosalyn Williams
Of course, I had to end this entry with a picture of International Officer and Grand Council member Mrs. Rosalyn Williams and me. She has a very special place in my heart -- I get teary-eyed/cry everytime she shares her ADPi journey stories with the chapter. Her dedication and efforts to Alpha Delta Pi on international level and at Alpha Theta inspired me to be more involved and apply for the internship at Executive Office. She told me to sit in her chair when I go to Atlanta this summer:

"When you get up to the Grand Council room, you'll see a chair at the head of the table. That's where President Claire Brown Gwaltney sits (bless her heart, i heart CBG) and then to the left of her chair near the door to the kitchen... that's where I sit. Will you sit in my chair, take picture and send it to me? I hope you feel inspired..." 

YES. I will definitely sit in your chair, Mrs. Williams -- and yes, I am 110% inspired by you. I am so excited to explore and venture all throughout Memorial HQ this summer. Countin' down the days 'til I get to fully immerse myself in ADPi-Land.

Dearest sisters, hope you all are having a fabulous Founders' Day! OBIC <>

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  1. Loved seeing you today!! Also, man, you are fast at updating your blog! I need to learn from you :)


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