Diamonds in the Desert (Part II)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Former Grand Council Member Ms. Rosalyn Williams (AA chapter)
and Alpha Theta with our Golden Lion flag! 
Dearest Sisters,

It has been a privilege and an honor to have gotten the opportunity to attend our 160th Grand Convention! These past few days have truly become a part of my most fond and memorable ADPi experiences as a collegian. (I'm sure that there will be many more moments such as these in the future... i.e. Grand Convention 2013 - Dallas, TX, get ready... because Imma head your way with my sweet Alpha Thetas!)

Highlights of the week:

Seeing my beautiful Alpha Theta sisters: President Brittany and Recruitment Vice President Kashia! Luhhhh you both, and it was so wonderful to get my Alpha Theta-love fix!

Kashia and Brittany at the Old Timers' Bring Your Bling Dinner
Hanging out with my Rooms (aka fellow intern) at the pool and our morning routine of getting ready and dolled up for the business meetings!

My Rooms (Michelle aka Michi) just posin'  after a pool day bahaha
The Adelphean Processional

(top: Alpha Theta love!)
(bottom: Di + JJ)
(Eta Omircron + Eta Rho love at the Adelphean Processional!)
The Adelphean Processional is a tradition that began at the 1941 Grand Convention. It commemorates the original parade of Adelpheans through Wesleyan with everyone in white dresses and blue satin ribands bearing the motto, "We Live for Each Other." In addition, a representative from each chapter (usually the President) parades into Convention with their chapter flag in charter order (i.e. oldest to newest chapters).

Old Timers' (Alumnae) Dinner "Bring your Bling"

The Old Timers' Dinner celebrated all of our most distinguished alumnae who have dedicated their time and efforts to Alpha Delta Pi. We recognized past International Presidents, Grand Council members, recipients of the Joan Boatwright alumnae Loyalty Award and many others. One of the highlights include International Secretary Sydnee Jack singing the Convention song (to see who has been to the most Conventions). Former International President Ginny Stafford attended the most with a record of 27 Conventions!

Ms. Linda Allen - District VI recipient of the Joan Boatwright Alumnae Loyalty Award

Ms. Allen is such a sweet woman. Her love for Alpha Delta Pi is truly awe-inspiring. She also has a fabulous memory... Apparently, she was the DTD when Amy Asplund (current PD) was a chapter advisor and appointed Amy to be PD. Ms. Allen also remembers visiting Alpha Theta 15 years ago when she first met our House Mother, Ms. Carolyn!

Ms. Peggy Bort Jones - Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Board of Trustee Member

After the Alumnae "Old Timers" Dinner
I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Peggy Bort Jones at District VI Leadership Conference this past February 2011. I'm sure all of my Alpha Thetas have become quite familiar with her because I raved about her almost everyday since I first met her. (She even made it on the 21 run birthday signs... twice). Well, GC would not be complete without a couple of pictures with her. I absolutely enjoyed my time spent with her and the stories she shared with me regarding her collegiate experiences. Stylish, poise, classy and with a dash of sass, Mrs. Peggy Bort Jones is one of those women whom I admire and wish to be in the next 25 years.

Ms. Chris Dickey - Former International President

I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Dickey on the very first night of Convention at the Welcome Banquet as her escort to dinner. She is such a hoot! Loved speaking with her and learning about her time as International President of ADPi. Her love for great Southern food (gave me some tips on the yumminess that is of #ATL, i.e. Flying Bisquit, Mellow Mushroom and Mary Mac's!), addiction to bright shiny sequin dresses (her Convention dresses during her Presidency) and love for ADPi were what connected me to her. If you google her, which I did later that night, you'll find that she is one of the most renowned and well-respected women of our nation as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. #toocool 

Diamond Awards Banquet

On the very last night, attendees of the 160th Anniversary Grand Convention celebrated our own chapter achievements and took part in the installment of our newly elected Grand Council members.

Newly installed International President Tammie Pinkston
 delivers her first address to Alpha Delta Pi.
Incredible night of diamonds, lions and pure ADPi-love as collegians and alumnae cheered and applauded the amazing accomplishments of our organization.

So proud of my sweet Alpha Thetas! We received the Achievement Award! After a rough couple of years, it is safe to say that the chapter is back on track for the Golden Lion - making our very own Maxine Blake proud of her home chapter. Woot!
Watch out, Dallas... we're making a comeback and going to take Excellence at Grand Convention 2013! (The Golden Lion is coming back to Alpha Theta- expected 2017... by then, I'm going to attend an Advisor!)

Here are some photos from the evening:

Fellow Interns and I with
Former International President Gwaltney and Executive Director Ms. Ablard

Former International Vice President of Organizational Relations
Mrs. Williams (LUH HER!) and Alpha Thetas with our Golden Lion flag 
Miss Anna Kate and me!
After 1 year of fbook chatting and phone dates, we finally got to meet!
I am so thrilled for her LC adventures this upcoming year. <>
Cristina -- loved meeting her! Such a real, genuine and fun gal!
So stoked for her LC adventures, too! Check her out here

Michelle and I with former LCs (Emily and Regan!) 
No GC blog would be complete without
another glamorous picture with Mrs. Peggy Bort Jones!

Arizona Biltmore, I had a fabulous time! Thank you for hosting such a memorable event for our organization. You were part of history in the making... From initiating Ferraby (great-great-great grand-daughter of our Founder Elizabeth Williams Mitchell) to the election and installment of a new Grand Council, I could never asked for a better ADPi experience. 

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  1. Loved meeting you too sister!! Can't wait to read about the rest of your EO adventures :)


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