Diamonds in the Desert (Part I)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Huhhh-looo there friends... I have arrived to

Alpha Delta Pi's 
160th Grand Convention
 at the

Woot! This weekend will be a hoot!

More than 600 Alpha Delta Pi sisters from all over the nation and Canada are expected to venture out to the hot deserts of Phoenix, Arizona for this diamond-studded gala event - commemorating 160 fabulous years of sisterhood!

Every summer, Alpha Delta Pi collegians (Presidents and rising leaders [future Presidents]), Province Directors, District Team Officers, Executive Office Staff, Leadership Consultants and Grand Council Members gather together for an elaborate event to celebrate achievements, reflect on the year and plan for the future of our international organization. It switches off every other year between what is called Leadership Seminar and Grand Convention. (Convention is the more glitzy + glamorous event!)

This weekend, I have the privilege of partaking in our 160th Convention, which I am absolutely thrilled! What to expect? Honestly, I have notta clue except it will be a memorable and exciting event. 

1) We have our Grand Council elections so International Officers are up for nominations.. who will be the next Grand President? We'll find out on Saturday at the Diamond Awards Banquet! 

2) We're voting on some amendments to our by-laws... oo-la-la, we're making history, bay bay. We're changing it up and making ADPi even better. 

3) More Sisters the sequel to Sisters will be revealed as well as the portrait/picture of our Founder Elizabeth Mitchell! 

4) Turquoise limited-edition badge. 'Nuff said. It's real purrttty! 

Well, there's more to come throughout this week and into the weekend. So as I venture through these next ADPi-filled days, I'll be sure to let y'all know "what's good!" 

Here's to diamonds, lions and violets... to a weekend of sisterhood. 

160 years of the first and finest.... forever.

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