Friday, July 22, 2011

Memorial Headquarters - Atlanta, Ga. 
This is a story of eight women from all over the country, who came together in Atlanta, Ga. for one summer because they share one love called:

These eight women included a Southern belle from Alabama (Brittney), a Certified Socialite/Debutante from Tennessee (Haley), chill laid-back Cali and a fellow West Coaster (Jessica), young-wild-and-free Oklahoma State girl from Texas (Michelle), walking-encyclopedia/Chatty-Kathy from Mizzou (Megan), sweet and caring "Northerner"who loves her Dunkin Donuts from Connecticut (Diana) and the social media addict/tech. junkie from Seattle (yours truly).

Side by side, they spent this past summer together - sharing a bunk room in the beautiful Pi Palace on Ponce - Memorial Headquarters. Our many tasks included: compiling violets for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, assembling Alpha Packets for our dearest Tara, boxing up and unpacking Golden Lions for Ms. Sally, phone duties for Robin at the front desk and of course, many other various projects.

Here is a glimpse into six weeks of overcoming differences, self-discovery and learning that the sacred bonds of sisterhood are truly transnational.

Payin' respects to Mother Fitzgerald.

Wesleyan Female College

THE Executive Office
In front of what we called home for 6 weeks.
Pool days were frequent. 
Celebrating the Red, White and Blue. #gomurica

Cafe Intermezzo... our favorite. 
Never forget that diamond... oh how it shines so ever bright.

Love... that's what we shared this past summer. love for the white and blue. love for Alphie. love for this thing called a sorority - a sisterhood that never fails... a sisterhood that fastens at the heart. No matter the state, university or how big/fitted you like your t-shirts, the love we share is just the same.

Here's to them - the sisters I have had the privilege of getting to know this past summer.


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  1. Walking encyclopedia? I can live with that. :) Glad I made an impression! Haha.


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