Arrivederci, US of A!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instead of going to bed and getting a full eight hours of sleep before my flight tomorrow, I am writing to you my friends because I can't sleep. Just way too excited - all giddy like a child waiting for Christmas! 

All packed up... aka 12+ outfits into my "little luggage set of an armoire" and ready to begin my journey. Tomorrow's set of flights shall be tiring but oh so worth it. A 6:35 a.m. 747 to the JFK airport in NYC and then just two short hours before the next flight to..... (drumroll please) ROME

Ohhhh When in Rome...

All of the sights, tastes and smells... ahhh can't wait. Goodbye diet; you'll be coming back post-Europe

pasta... pasta and more pasta. #loves pizza, paninis, gelato.. prosciutto and melon. delicious.

History right in front of me... that's what I've been waiting for and here's my chance. Chyeahhh buddy.

I will try my best to blog a little bit each night to let you in on all of my adventures. No guarantees though, because with all of the sightseeing, this little lady might just pass out-shoes-on when she hits that fluffy little bed at night. 

Well, I guess it's back to the Italian-English dictionary and looking up phrases in German and French on Google to prep me for this trip.

Arrivederci, m'dears!

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