Snip. Snip. Cut.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This was me yesterday, post-haircut.
Me: I would like a trim, please. Just about two inches off.
Hairdresser: Would you like layers, too?
Me: Oh of course, let's start the layers about shoulder-length.
Hairdresser: Shoulder-length? Okay. Sounds good.

25 minutes later. The chair swivels around, and I look into the mirror to admire my new 'do. 

Hairdresser: What do you think? Do you like it? I think it's a young look!
Me: (Speechless) 

There are no words to describe that surprise which stared straight back at me. My lips began to quiver as I noticed the beautiful mane, that took a whole year to grow out, was lying on the floor. My hair was cut at least four inches shorter than I had expected. 

Fact: I looked twelve. #fail

That was yesterday... today, I feel a little bit better about my haircut. After spending what seemed like hours in the bathroom with my straightener, curling iron, mousse and hairspray, I think I'm starting to deal with this new look. They say it takes about a week to adjust to a new haircut... so I guess I'll give it another six days. 

Next time, I'll be sure to be EXTRA clear on what I want cut.

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  1. You should post a picture of your new 'do so we can all reassure you about how amazing you look! :)


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