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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whoever said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" was a genius. Most women love the glitz and glamour; I know I would prefer Cartier over a box of chocolates any day.

However, there are times when simple gestures make a bigger and better impression. Those moments of silence when nothing is said but only passion, tension and eye contact remains... yes, those simple and non-extravagant moments are what fulfills one's life. Because with those moments, life is full of love, affection and pure bliss.

Below are images of what I call strong simplicity. I accumulated those pictures from Pinterest and categorized them on my Pinterest-board called "I Just Want These."

"Purpose of the title?" you might ask.

Well when you think about it... aside from the necessities in life (food, shelter, air, water, clothes, etc.), there are some things that are just needed/wanted to live - both physically and emotionally. In this post, I am focusing on those emotional "wants" -- what the soul craves... what the heart aches.

These gestures, though simple, are beautiful and powerful.

Actions speak louder than words right? You can say "I love you," and it will have a huge impact on a person the first few times... but soon after the hundredth  "I love you," the phrase turns into a banal exchange of words - replacing the good-byes, hellos and awkward silences. The actions that accompany those eight little letters are what makes it more meaningful. They make an everlasting impression on the heart.

Yeah, yeah.. the 21-year old admits it.. she's a #HopelessRomantic despite her Negative-Nancy tendencies around couples and PDA. 

Images via Pinterest.

PS... I guess you can say that these pictures are also tips for the boys.. aka these images/gestures will for sure win your girl's heart. Trust me. They mean more than you think.

Cooking and/or baking dates.
Food and romance.... need I say more?
Tennis Dates....
this maybe just a personal favorite bahaha
not sure if other girls would love it
Coffee + Deep Conversation
Extra 5 points, if he's got your coffee order memorized.

Hand-written love letters
Sonnets would be pushing it as borderline cheesy...
Being a PR gal, I love writing - eloquent writing.
My weakness: Gentlemen with great vocabulary.
If he quotes anything from Billy Collins, my heart he can keep. 

Flowers for no reason except to brighten her day.
Gerber daisies. Gardenias (the favorite). Peonies.
As long as you don't buy carnations, you should be fine.

Sweet Love.
This picture is just too perfect. Dontcha think?

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