Where did all the time go?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In exactly 5 weeks, the little one will be taking her first steps into the working world. Seattle, you ready for meh? #biggirlworld I can't believe it... the clock is ticking, and I will soon bid adieu to my college years.

Last night, I attended a Seattle Jesuit Alumni Event (regional gathering, not specific to class year). About 50 or so alumni enjoyed themselves at Palisades for appetizers, drinks, networking and catching up on the good 'ole days of J-High. 

During the "welcome" speech, the president of our school, John Gladstone, updated us on the new buildings, programs and the progress the school has made in regards to financial aid.. and of course, the tuition increase. (Can't believe it... but Jesuit's tuition is almost $11,000.. in-state college tuition.. wow) When Mr. Gladstone and our Alumni Director, Kathy Baarts, spoke, I thought about all the years that had gone by since my graduation from high school and the big days that lay ahead of me.

Was I happy? Did I accomplish all I wanted to do in college? Did I live my life with no regrets... aka did I live it up errrr night errday? 

I try to live my life without regrets, so the correct answer would be "yes" to all of the above. Not entirely sure, if I did everything I wanted to do in college... but I am sure hell as happy of what I have accomplished during my three and a quarter years here at the UW. I joined an amazing sisterhood at Alpha Delta Pi and learned the importance of ritual, loyalty and everlasting friendship. I learned to be sassy, wild and free - learning to let loose when appropriate and have fun. I discovered my passion for the technology and public relations industry - got involved with such a prestigious student organization that is UW PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America). I met amazing people within and outside of the Greek Community -- fraternity guys who I may or may not keep in contact with depending on our friendship, ASUW friends who are so driven, motivated and inspire me to be a more involved leader on campus, colleagues from the Journalism sector of the Communication Department and of course, my PRSSA officers who I had a blast with in Orlando a couple weeks ago. 

Thank you, UW, for making my college experience all that it has been - simply amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better time. In the famous freshman song words of Asher Roth... "I love college." Yes ma'am, I do... I'm gonna miss your days of fun, but it's time to move on, now. 

Good-bye sorority life... 
hello to the working world of the pros!

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