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Friday, October 28, 2011

time to snuggle.
Outfit: black Lululemon yoga pants, J.Crew wool Sunday cardigan sweater wrapped around a peachy tank top. Kate Spade glasses on and wavy, curly hair pulled back in a simple low ponytail. Tonight is one of those stay-in-snuggle-with-a-blanket nights.

Currently listening to: Frank Sinatra Pandora station while sipping a hot cup of chamomile tea on the Friday night of "Halloweek" -- apparently, dubbing me an old soul.

Am I embarrassed that my evening may correlate myself to the activities of a thirty-something year old? Hecka no.. I'm actually looking forward to a quiet evening with me, myself and I... oh and of course, my autographed copy of Billy Collin's poems. I may even treat myself to a movie. Whoa... don't worry, I won't go too crazy tonight... bahaha

Here's to a peaceful Friday night m'dears... enjoy your evening/first night of the Halloweekend!

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