"Why are you dressed so scary?" "It's Halloween."

Monday, October 31, 2011

witches. goblins. pumpkins. black cats. ghosts. haunted houses. candy. costumes. 

This year's Halloween, I lacked creativity, patience, time and the willingness to "go all out" and really partake in the festivities. So if you were to ask me what I was or what costume I came up with... unfortunately with my busy schedule, I did not dress up. However, I did go to a Haunted House which I will admit scared the "you know what" out of me. Honesty Hour: I almost cried -- fell and got trampled on the stairs because the actors in the haunted house scared the group and me so tough. It was by far too frightening... too real. gahhh, why did I decided to do that? haha  

Since this year's Halloween falls on a Monday and most responsible people work the next day or go to school, all of the crazy parties took place on Saturday... Errr, if you are a college student, you're Halloweek started on Thursday, and you still plan to rage on Monday night.

As for me, I'm still debating whether I should partake in the partayyying. I mean... I went out on Thursday but did not do the costume shindig and that was just a normal bar-run with my dearest Lolo... and Friday.. well, I stayed in and did homework. Saturday... I skipped the crazy night and kept it quiet.. Sunday is the Lord's day, I can never justify or want to drink/party on Sundays. Welp, and now we're back to today... this Monday which in fact, is Halloween. My alpha class plans on going out "as a class" tonight... we'll see how that goes since large groups tend to "fail" in terms of sticking all together... but I guess it's not too late to do one last hurrahhh as a college student - the last time it's acceptable to put animal ears on or be simply outrageous on All Hallow's Eve. 

I'll keep you updated... if the next post has a picture of my last-minute costume, you'll know I went out... or if I don't blog tonight or tomorrow morning... you'll know who had a little too much fun.

PS. Super nerdy costume idea that I wish I had came up with on Thursday... inspired by my obsession with Twitter I should have been a #HASHTAG gahhh why didn't I come up with this sooner...

#SorryforPartying - that would have been epic. 

Blog post title is courtesy of "Mean Girls" starring Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan

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